music crystal castles tyler the creator beach boys rihanna beyonce(😭) tears for fears vacations mac demarco hozier arctic monkeys ig media metal gear solid evangelion south park inscryption yttd midnight mass + i play animal jam msp webkins imvu etc etc extra ww1+2 & cold war history + films

no dni or byf just req • talk to me about my interests


things i like (bear with me)
music weezer radiohead green day MF DOOM kanye kfc murder chicks pixies beatles foo fighters carti tyler jpeg DRAIN GANG death grips outkast tlc negative xp steakfry +SO much more movies jake gyllenhaal movies adam sandler movies american psycho fight club little miss sunshine almost famous michael cera movies ferris buellers day off games metal gear series team fortress 2 OFF rpgmaker games kanye quest faith etc etc dni but if i dont like you ill block
byf... i take a while to respond sometimes and i mostly just talk about music n movies i like